Brussels: Setup Roster Import


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It’s supereasy to setup your roster import

  1. Copy the calendar-feed from the Brussels intranet
  2. Open FollowMe – Navigate to the Import-Menu – Paste the link of the calendar-feed

that’s it. We check your roster every 15min for changes. If there are any we will send you a push notification.

Note iOS: Here you have to push manually on “refresh” in the app to see roster changes.

Where can I find this “calendar feed link”?

It is in the Brussels intranet

Somehow it doesn’t work

  1. Check if you have a valid subscription. For it navigate to the inapp-menu of FollowMe
  2. Do you have really the new calendar-feed-sync import selected and not the old normal calendar import?
  3. If you have changed the link (deactivated and newly activated) in the meantime you need to copy the new feed into FollowMe.
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