Calculation of tax-free expenses


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Calculation of tax-free expenses

Tax-free expenses received from your employers must be deducted in line 57. Note: The amount to be entered cannot be negative.

  • Where can I find the tax-free expenses

In your income tax statement in line 20 you will find the tax-free expenses. You have to enter them in line 57.

  • Do you work for Lufthansa or Condor?

Then you will not find the tax-free expenses on the wage tax certificate. You have to add up your mileage statements from all 12 months of the tax year as shown in the example below.


  • 506,50 Euro expenses from Lufthansa
  • Minus 89.50 Euro taxes
  • Minus 43 Euro advertising costs
  • = 374 tax-free amount from Lufthansa

Dies musst du für jeden der 12 Monate ausrechnen und zusammenzählen, damit du dies dann in Zeile 57 eintragen kannst. Achtung: Ab und zu bekommst du von deinem Arbeitgeber mehrere Abrechnungen pro Monat.

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