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There are no flat rates for cleaning your professional expenses. Either you estimate the costs on the basis of the costs of the individual washing machine runs or you prove the costs incurred by the cleaning in the laundry by means of invoices. 

For the calculation of the cleaning costs at home there are tables from various consumer associations, like this one:

Source: “Steuerliche Absetzbarkeit der Reinigungskosten typischer Berufskleidung”, Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband e. V., December 2002 (see PDF, below)

What does this mean for your entries in FollowMe

You have to calculate how much you will have to pay for cleaning.

A sample calculation could look like this:

  • After each tour you clean your uniform (e.g. because you have a limited number of shirts)
  • You fly 52 rotation a year
  • For this you fill your 5kg drum of your washing machine with 4kg
  • You live in a 1-person household and therefore use these table values
  • You wash the uniform with the delicates program (0.88 €), dry (0.55 €) and iron (0.07 €) it = 1.5 € per kg.
  • Annual costs: 52 rotations x 4 kg x 1.5€ = 312 € total costs per year
  • You have 195 working days per year: 312 € total cost/ 195 working days = 1,6 € per working day

If the costs would be exactly the same for you, you would register 1.6 € per working day at FollowMe.

You can also find a good summary about cleaning costs here.


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