Swiss: FollowMe does not import or update itself


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  • Make sure you have a valid subscription. To do this, navigate to the Inapp Purchase menu of the app.
  • Are you an Android user? Then switch the import to the new calendar feed sync service. This is extremely simple:
    1. Check if you have installed the latest version of the app
    2. Navigate to the import menu of FollowMe and activate the calendar feed sync. For this you have to copy the calendar feed link from Swiss intranet into it.
    3. You can find it on the Swiss intranet. Log in and navigate here: ….then copy the link
    4. We do the rest and check your roster every 15 minutes. FollowMe always stays up to date. In case of roster changes we will send you a message

  • Are you an iOS user?

Important for Swiss users: Follow the instructions in the import menu exactly.

In general, the app can only import what is in the calendar. Please first go to your calendar app on the phone/tablet and check if all events are available there. Next you have to make sure that no two calendars have the same name, the “confusing” FollowMe.

Afterwards please go to the import menu in FollowMe, select the correct calendar and auto-import and click on import.

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