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Of particular interest to flight attendants and pilots is whether they can claim travel expenses for the outward and return journey or only for the outward journey.

Here it is of central importance whether one assumes a journey from home to the 1st place of work or whether there is no 1st place of work, because after all we do not actually do any more work at the bases: Briefings are already available at home, simulators and other events take place at other locations).

If a journey from the place of residence to the 1st place of work is assumed, a flat rate of 0.30 € per kilometer can only be applied for the outward journey (Income Tax Code, paragraph 9,

However, if the trip is considered a business trip, the outward and return journey can be claimed for tax purposes. It is the Federal Travel Expenses Act (paragraph 5, section 2), mach speaks here of

We cannot say which of the two cases comes into consideration for us, but a tax consultant must determine this for you. Current judgements on this point: Federal Court of Finance of 09.06.2011 VI R 55/10, VI R 36/10, VI R 58/09, BFH judgement of 10.04.2019 VI R 17/17.


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