Who needs FollowMe?

FollowMe will make your flying life easier. We have a perfect solution for you and also your family and friends.

For you as a crew

It is the must have companion for you as a crewmember. Check out what we offer below.

For your family

Your family should install the app if you'd like them being a part of your journey while you work.

Our main screens

Share your roster with your family and compare it with crew friends.
No one can view your roster without your permission.


Detailed view

This is what the detail view looks like. You can view your friends' flight plans like this. Your family can view your flight plan this way.


Real-time data for Lufthansa, Swiss, AUA, Eurowings, Edelweiss

Different time settings possible

Monthly view


Overview of all friends

In this overview you see all your flying friends. Your family friends do not have this view. They just see your plan.


Overview of all friends

One click to the detail view


Comparative view

In this view you can compare all the plans of your friends and thus quickly identify e.g. days off together.


Fast comparison possibility

Click to view rotation details


Your flights in a statistic for you and your friends. You in turn can view statistics not only from you but also from your friends.


Statistics of your flights

Statistics from your friends

Disable sharing of statistics


Import and share duty rosters

Answers to typical questions

Try FollowMe 14 days for free.



Reviews be wrong?

Realtime information for all Lufthansa Group flights

Your tour ends 2h too late? You land at an alternate airport? You are in layover, your inbound flight is 1h late?

We link your duty roster with real-time information of your flights for you and your family.

For important information about your flight we send you or your family a message (push message)

In the app you can also control whether you want to receive messages about flights of your friends.


you are back on time

Your family will receive a message about the status of your last flight of a tour and thus know if you are back on time.

You are in the layover. Your inbound flight is late

Do you know it? You sit in your hotel room, get ready for the pickup and wonder if the plane will arrive on time? We automatically send you a message and inform you about it.

A flight of yours is cancelled

We will inform you and your relatives if a flight is cancelled.


Unfortunately not everything always goes according to plan. We will inform your family and friends if you land at an alternate airport
  • Integrated in the normal subscription

    Real-time messages are integrated into your normal subscription

  • Free of charge for your family

    Real-time messages are free for your family

  • For all Lufthansa Group flights

    Real-time for all LH, LX, OS, EW, LHC, LHG Flights

  • Messages individually adjustable

    In the app you can choose for whom you want to receive messages

  • Real-time information also in the app

    In addition to the messages, real-time information is also available in the app

  • More questions?

    Visit our support page for more FAQs or contact us directly


Start now. FollowMe is free for 14 days

And alwaysfor your family


Follow all the flights of your friend

Real-time info about the flighs

Real-time messages

No ads for 10 € per year


Import your roster

Real-time info about your flights

Messages in real-time

No advertisements


Same as monthly subscription

But save 2 € yearly

If you have any questions about pricing, we are here for you!